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New timer

Jones here. I joined this community yesterday. There doesn't seem to have been much posting in the past or anything, but it's all good. I attend the University of Denver in duh duh duh, Denver, CO. We're still on the quarter system there so, I've been finished with my first go, I'm a freshman in college, for about five weeks now. Feel free to read my journal, but it gets weird. I don't have a pic on my profile, but I have an old prom pic at Um... other things about me. I'm a pretty scandalous procrastinator and I've slept SO much during this break. It seems that the job opportunities around this place(from Knoxville, Tn) are frozen a few days before I get here. No need to lie though, I didn't look that hard. I think that's it for now. Take care everyone. Much respect, much love.

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