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intro and plug

Hey!! Allow myself to introduce, myself:
I am: 22
A graduating senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
A Human Development and Family Studies major.
A reformed party-girl.
A writer.

Aaaaand...I thought I would quickly advertise my LJ, road_to_alumni. I'm a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, about to graduate in December. I'm an observer by nature (my first major was journalism) and I've been collecting my college stories since freshman year. The collection of these stories, I'm calling "The Road to Alumni" and it is story of the journey my friends and I have taken over the last four and a half years. I don't necessarily think my college stories are any cooler than anyone elses, and I don't think that I've had an amazingly unique experience here at Ol' Mizzou. I just want to tell my story to as many people as possible, with as few mushy epiphanies as possible. My ramblings, I hope, will shine some light on the college experience for the freshmen or even high school senior and allow fellow upperclassmen and grads to reminesce a bit.

I thought I would let you guys know about this, since I'm writing it about a college community, an interest of all of us here.

If the spirit moves you, do check it out. I will have a new installment every few days, at least once a week.

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